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The Unanswered Question 1973 – Bernstein – 6 (Final)

Leonard Bernstien Final Lecture- Harvard University-The Poetry Of Earth -Bernstein Norton

Uploaded by on Nov 14, 2011

Bernstien talks about the tonal composers of the 20th century classical contemporary music. Starting from Stravinsky, he expands towards other composers and also gets into the concept of poly tonality and poly rhythm which I believe Charles Ives came up with before any other composers. This is the final lecture of the six lecture series where Bernstien finishes of with the tonal composers which is immediately preceded by non tonal composers, kind of a like the Unanswered Question of Ives where the piece ends with the everlasting diatonic G Maj triad.

This lecture was titled The Poetry Of Earth.

DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved to the production companies and music labels that distributed and produced the music and performance respectively. I do not own the rights to the music nor the footage. I only uploaded this video as an entertainment and creative purposes with no financial gain. Copyright infringement not intended.

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