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Les Miserables – TJ Choir Presents

Rishi MalhotraĐã tải lên vào 14-06-2011

TJ Choir Presents: Les Miserables

directed by Molly Khatcheressian

Jean Valjean – Peter Reischer
Javert – Daniel Perkes
Fantine – Quynh-My Luu
Cosette – Aditi Gadre
Marius – Caelan Garrett
Enjolras – Nick Mathis
Eponone – Hannah Pho
Thenardier – Rishi Malhotra
Madame Thenardier – Kate Sanders
Gavroche – Dith Simha
Little Cosette – Akhila Ananthram
Mother Superior – Christine Jacobs
Ensemble – Curricular students + 8th Period Actors

Special thanks to:
Student musicians for being funky-fresh in the Pit-Treehouse.
Mr. Khatcheressian for being a Master of Sound.
Ms. Scofield for giving a theatrical perspective on things.
Ryan for playing guitar in the pit.
Andrew Hamilton for lighting our way through the show.

and finally, Mrs. Khatcheressian for being amazing at everything.

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