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PhD Programme in October 2017 at Kingston University London

an email on October 5, 2016


to: AHRC-funded PhD Studentships

The School of Performance and Screen Studies (PASS) at Kingston University London invites expressions of interest to join our PhD Programme in October 2017.  PASS has a lively research culture in which practice-based and written creativity inform each other. Our school is home to world-leading researchers in fields including:

·         Music: Popular music, analogue and digital record production, music and media, musical subcultures, music philosophy, composition, French music

·         Film: Filmmaking, film and philosophy, minimalist film, new wave film, sound design for film

·         Media: Cross-platform narratives, media theory, fan cultures

·         Dance: Popular dance, contemporary choreography, interdisciplinary dance research, dance theory, dance ethnography and anthropology

·         Drama: Performance-making methodologies, performance and identity, intermediality and interdisciplinarity, popular performance in its historical context

PASS has three active research units focussing on Popular Culture, Audio Culture, and Creative Practice:

The school is also home to the UK’s largest fully equipped analogue recording studio, which is endorsed by Tony Visconti: .

Kingston University London is a member of TECHNE, a Consortium of seven institutions in London and the South-East that form an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). Over five years (2014-2019), the TECHNE Consortium will fund approximately 176 PhD studentships for outstanding Arts and Humanities postgraduate researchers across the partner institutions. TECHNE funds UK and EU students.

Please send expressions of interest to Prof Isabella van Elferen, 26 October 2016. Expressions of interest must include:

·         A clear research question

·         A 100 word abstract of the proposed research

·         A piece of work (written or practice)

·         A CV

For further information on how to apply for TECHNE studentships at Kingston University London please go to:

For more information about TECHNE:

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