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Import photos from a flash to an iPad

I just received a new USB OTG brand PCATEC for my iPad Air2 from Amazon.

People called it as the Camera Connection Kit’s USB port.


Then I tested it with the importing photos from a small usb flash of 128MB, this technique I’ve never tried before.

I searched on the internet and got useful tutorials. I would like to share them here.



formatted the drive as a FAT volume on my DELL laptop Inspiron: N4030 Windows 7 32-bit Professional, created a new folder on it and name that folder as DCIM. Copied a Tulips photo from Samples Pictures into the DCIM folder. Connected the drive to iPad via OTG. The iPad opened very quick with No Photos to Import.

I searched again then I got another helpful tutorial here.


Therefore, I learnt that the photos names must be in a 8.3 format (8 character names and 3 character extensions)

a Tulips photos is an JPEG file with .jpg character extensions, but its name is not long enough to be recognized. I added 2 more character as Tulipsss, and, a Tulipsss photo showed on my iPad quickly right after I connected the drive to the iPad again.

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