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Leonard Bernstein – Discusses – Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony

Uploaded by on Apr 10, 2011

Leonard Bernstein discusses some elements of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, the ‘Eroica’ Symphony.


Leonard Bernstein – Discusses – Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Uploaded by on Apr 10, 2011

Leonard Bernstein discusses several aspects of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony. He also provides some of the original sketches that Beethoven had considered putting into the Symphony.

Leonard Bernstein – Discussing – Beethoven’s 6th and 7th Symphony

Uploaded by on Jan 14, 2011

Leonard Bernstein and Maximilian Schell discuss some of the aspects of the Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral” and Symphony No. 7 by Ludwig Van Beethoven. They also discuss his life and how he composed some of his music.

Leonard Bernstein -1982 – Teacher – Masterclass

Uploaded by on Oct 23, 2010

From the PBS series “Great Performances”, this Betamax video relic was taped in 1983 and shows Leonard Bernstein in three of his modes: Conductor, Soloist and Teacher. Divided into YouTube sized pieces this concert is uploaded on the 20th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s death in October, 1990. This final part was taped in 1983 at the LA Philharmonic Institute and shows Mr. Bernstein doing what he truly loved, teaching the art of conducting to a few of the lucky masterclass students at the institute.


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